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Get a Ring

In order to wrestle, the first thing you need is a ring. There are various types of rings that enable you to send more brawlers to the fight. 

3 Rare Champions

Of the 400 NFTs, there will be 122 champions sporting some pretty hefty belts:

100 National Champions
20 World Champions
2 Metaverse Champions 

Land one of these champions, and you’ll be given unique superpowers in the ring for a chance to dominate.

How To Play

Get a Brawler

Brawlers come in Uncommon, Common, Rare, Epic and "Founder's Edition" Legendary 1-of-1 rarities. The higher the level of your Brawler the more BRWL tokens you can earn per match.

Get some Gear

Every Brawler can get a boost with some wrestling gear. Simply equip your Brawler with different levels of gear like brass knuckles, baseball bats or steel chairs and gain bigger BRWL token bonuses. 

Fight for Fame & Fortune

Use BRWL tokens to heal your wrestlers after matches and craft better rings, stronger Brawlers and more outrageous gear.